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ID: 596543
Kristina 29 years old Ukraine Kharkov, Russian bride profile, russianbridesint.com
Status: There comes a moment when you realize that you shouldn't have let someone...
Name: Kristina
Country: Ukraine City: Kharkov
Age: 29
No information

Looking for: I want to find love, bright emotions! For a long time. Serious relationship. A man does not love the Woman herself, but his condition next to her. Therefore, a Real Woman is not at all the most beautiful, not at all the most intelligent and certainly not at all the most successful in social terms. A real Woman gives a man not a mind, not beauty, not a body, not successes, but a state. A woman who creates a special state in men - masculine - will always be loved. She creates this state by enjoying the company of her man and admiring him. And a man will be drawn to this special state, as to a magnet always ...In men, I especially appreciate when words do not diverge from deeds. A polite man will ask: 'Can I come?', 'Can I meet?', 'Can I help you?'. A good man will say: 'I will come', 'I will meet', 'I will help'. A real man: he will come, meet, help!

About me: Individuality is what sets you apart from all others. Often girls are afraid to show their individuality, because they do not want to look like a black sheep and keep up with fashion or they afraid of being lonely without relations and man. It is individuality that makes us a person. My personality lies in the fact that I love to play sports, I devote all my free time to active rest, I try to sit less at the computer. I am also cheerful and emotional ukrainian lady, these are also traits of my personality. I am who I am and everything suits me, because I am individual. From early childhood, I dreamed of becoming a beautician. And this choice is not accidental! As a very young girl, I often watched my mother take care of her face, style her hair, and do manicure. And when she left for work, I immediately 'plunged' into the world of bright jars, tubes, boxes with cosmetics and, imagining myself as a beautician, I did caring procedures with my dolls. Having matured, I learned that the profession of 'cosmetologist' has several directions: a cosmetologist-dermatologist, a cosmetologist-plastic surgeon and, a profession that has attracted me since childhood, a cosmetologist-make-up artist.

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most: Responsibility for your actions and words Positive thinking Ability to get out in a critical situation Ability to find a common language with people I love it when a person is a professional in something A smile Keen mind Originality

My goals for the future: I would also like to create a strong family, become a good person and do something important for the country, for our future.

My travel destinations (past or future): Just a little

Pets in my life: I want to have dog!

My hobbies and what I'm good at: Collecting fashion bags

Talking about sports: I will dance for you)

The five things I can't live without: Stretching and dances, sweet candies with cherries, tea with lemon, beautiful home

You should message me if: You want me to be your sweetheart

Job: Beautician

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