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Oksana, 28, Ukraine


(ID: 108569)

Age: 28

You're not there in person, but that doesn't mean you can't shower her with gifts to show you're interested! We do the gift giving for you, whether it's roses or jewelry or lingerie. Here you can view the selection of gifts and flowers that can be delivered directly to the lady. Let your match know that they are on your mind and your intentions are serious!

Include personal message to the gift:

Maximum number of characters: 300

Gorgeous flower arrangement
180 credits
5 white roses
195 credits
Love is...gift set
225 credits
Cheerful kisses gift set
280 credits
Love me tender gift set
630 credits
Luxury sweets for the most beloved
139 credits
All you need is Love
499 credits
Be mine! Lingerie Set
456 credits
English lessons
899 credits
Luxury makeup set
350 credits
art master class
450 credits
Certificate -bath/sauna
371 credits
Photo Frame on V- Day
110 credits
fairy tale for Princess
931 credits
photo session for beloved
1565 credits
hair straightener
557 credits
breakfast for beloved
70 credits
188 credits
11red roses in vase+card
521 credits
silver bracelet
399 credits
healthy breakfast
200 credits
perfect princess manicure
445 credits
Prepaid gift card
399 credits
Its Time To Celebrate Birthday gift set
280 credits
I LOVE YOU gift set
1299 credits
Large box of chocolate candies
99 credits
Assorted chocolate sweets
78 credits
CHARITY Cup of Coffee
10 credits
Golden heart gift set
499 credits
BROCARD Gift Certificate
499 credits
Victoria's Secret Gift Certificate
745 credits
15 pink roses
430 credits
15 white roses
430 credits
Orchid in a flowerpot
130 credits
Toy Gift for a child
180 credits
Chocolate basket
320 credits
Medium size toy
125 credits
Foreign language courses
899 credits
Pizza delivery
89 credits
Tasty holiday cake
89 credits
Sushi delivery
115 credits
Gold necklace
630 credits
Gold earrings
530 credits
Gold bracelet
530 credits
Cleaning service
154 credits
Gift for beautiful gardener
198 credits
small set of vitamins
205 credits
large set of vitamins
307 credits
Ebroidery - Vishyvanka
387 credits
Laptop and bonuses
1950 credits
Fun Night Out Gift
225 credits
Dance lessons (3)
243 credits
Surprise for crafts lover
256 credits
Gift certificate to kids store
399 credits
Health care certificate
456 credits
Gift card to the beauty salon
472 credits
Grocery/department store gift card
499 credits
Gift card for clothes
499 credits
Gym or Fitness certificate
520 credits
Cooking classes
711 credits
Electronics Gift Card
1049 credits
Sport gift certificate
1049 credits
Driving classes
1799 credits
Evening dress
456 credits
Charming womens shoes
504 credits