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Frequently Asked Questions about International Online Dating and RussianBridesInt
1. Getting started with RussianBridesInt

1.1. I am looking for trusted service. Can your site help me?

RussianBridesInt is the best online dating website where you can build what you strive for: love, family, passion and stability. Our site is safe to use, with stringent privacy policies. Beautiful single ladies are strictly verified, so you know the beautiful Russian brides you see here are real. Read more about RussianBridesInt and how we are different here.

1.2. How does this website work?

Registration is free and you can use the site for free. That means you can browse the profiles and receive your first letters free of charge. If you want to use the Services to send ladies gifts, you buy credits and pay as you go.

1.3. Who are these women and where do you find them?

The single ladies on our website are Ukrainian and Russian women who—like you—are looking for love. They come to us because love is hard to find in their own country. In Russia, women outnumber men by 10 million! Most of these single ladies have a higher education, successful career, healthy lifestyle and a great zest for life. They are sophisticated women who feel that they are ready to expand their horizon and look for their perfect match worldwide. They are not afraid of new challenges and the adjustment of moving to a new country. They just want to be happy and married, no matter where in the world that happiness takes them. Read more about Russian girls here.

1.4. These women are so beautiful. Are they real?

We are very strict about making sure the women you see on this international dating site are real. We meet with them in person to verify they are who they say they are. Each female profile goes through 4 stages of verification: a woman fills out a questionnaire, provides her passport, signs an agreement with the site and that she is really looking for her love and provides her photos.

1.5. I have special criteria in my search. How do I find lady I am looking for?

As we understand how difficult it might be to find your only one among a thousand gorgeous ladies, we have improved our Search options and implemented Advanced search that will make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps you want to meet a lady of a certain religion or you want to meet someone with children. If so, this page will be a good start for you. If you are still having troubles, do not give up, as our support team is always here to assist you!
2. Registration and account information.

2.1. Why do I need to register?

You must be registered to be able to view full female profiles and all the photos in the profile, as well as to be able to write a woman a letter or write a woman in a chat.

2.2. How do I register? Is it free?

Visit our JOIN US page and fill out your information, or use a quick registration option through your gmail account. Registration is free. After registering, you will get access to the ladies' profiles, including images and videos.

2.3. I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, go to Login and click on Forgot your login or password? . You will be asked to provide your email or login. You will receive a temporary password which you can change after you are logged in.

2.4. I forgot my login or email. What do I do?

If you do not remember your login or the email you used to register, please use the Contact page to get in touch with customer support. Please provide as much information as possible, such as name on the account, country, date of your last visit (approximately) and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

2.5. Can I change my login, email or password?

You can change your email or password under My services – Account settings. However, you can't change your login because this information was set during your profile creation, please use the Contact page to get in touch with customer support.

2.6. How do I stop receiving email notifications?

If you are not interested in receiving our weekly notifications about new ladies that join our website, offers and promotions, or RussianBridesInt news, you can always unsubscribe from these emails in your account under My services – Notification settings.

2.7. How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality?

We value the confidentiality of our clients and your trust in us, and we will not share your personal data without your knowledge. We use your personal information only for registration purposes, to contact you if needed, to process your payment for services, and to confirm your identity during the contact. We follow an established order of security to preserve your personal safety and protect your information. Don't forget that only you are responsible for a safety of your account, so protect your password and e-mail address.
3. How to Communicate With the Ladies

3.1. How do I send a message to a lady I am interested in?

To send letter to a lady, go to her profile and click on the mail button, located to the right of her picture.

3.2. Can I send pictures or other files to the lady?

You are able to attach one image to each message, not larger than 2MB. After an image is sent the first time, it is added to your My Images folder so you do not have to upload it each time you want to send that same image. You can easily find sent images right next to the Upload Image button when sending messages to ladies.

3.3. How do I use live video chat?

To use the Video Chat service, you can follow Chat link, located on the tool bar or My service – Live Chat.

3.4. How do I send flowers or a gift?

Visit our Gifts page to see what we offer or visit the lady's profile and click on the gift box to place an order. Gifts are usually delivered in 3 business days, but sometimes it may be at the lady's earliest convenience. If you do not see a gift button in a lady's profile, it means that lady chose not to receive gifts. You can check out the status of your order under Gifts Box – Pending/Completed orders. After the gift is delivered, you will receive an email notification and an image will appear under Completed Orders. Please note that the image of the gift is for illustration only and the delivered item may vary from the image displayed.

3.5. How can I call a lady and talk to her over the phone?

You can place a phone call reservation by visiting Phone calls. Simply type your lady's ID number, select your time zone, and put the date and time you'd like a phone call to take place. Your phone number and email will help us to get in touch with you if we have questions or need to reschedule phone the call. You will have to confirm that you have 35 credits available on your account, but none of your credits will be withdrawn until the phone call is completed. The charge for phone calls is 3.5 credits/minute. We suggest you discuss a possible date and time with the lady ahead of time so both of you are aware of your plans. And remember about the time difference!

3.6. What other ways does RussianBridesInt help me communicate with a special lady?

We offer all kinds of services to help you court that special lady and get to know her better. With Virtual gifts , you can send cute, fun, interesting and romantic messages that any lady will like and appreciate. Visit the lady's profile to use one of these services or check out Gifts box – Virtual gifts to see incoming surprises from ladies. Horoscopes and Zodiac sign compatibility will help you to find out more about a lady's character and might even help you to choose the best sign for yourself, as people tend to believe and trust stars with their meanings.

3.7. I want to meet a lady in person. Can you help?

We are always happy to know that you are planning a trip to meet with a lady, as this is one of the most important steps you can make to further your relationship! We are here to assist you with all the trip arrangements from the second your plane lands in your lady's country. We can arrange transportation from the airport, hotel or apartment; arrange a translator's service during your stay; and set up your meetings with the lady. We suggest you to contact us about your upcoming trip ahead of the time, so we can discuss all the details and make sure we meet all your expectations. You can use Contact Us page or personal email address for our tour manager dating.tour.manager@gmail.com

3.8. All about service Date Me:

What is Date a Lady?
Date a Lady is a program whereby RussianBridesInt assists a gentleman (a registered member in good standing) to set up a meeting with a lady he has been getting to know on RussianBridesInt. We provide logistical assistance and an interpreter from the lady’s home agency. An in-person meeting is the next step to develop your relationship with a lady and will determine the degree of compatibility between the two of you. The Date a Lady service is designed to help you coordinate and improve the success of your time visiting Ladies abroad Here's how it works: A formal meeting is booked online at russianbridesint.com. The meeting is scheduled for a minimum of 1 ½ hours and takes place in the lady’s hometown, the meeting will take place in any comfort place for a man and a woman, which is selected by mutual agreement of the site members. Using the Date a Lady service helps avoid a situation where a gentleman sets up a meeting on his own and is disappointed should the lady not show up. Though it is impossible to predict chemistry between the two of you, the best way to find out is to meet a lady you may have serious intentions toward and determine if you are both compatible with each other.

What are the costs?
RussianBridesInt charges 159.00 credits administrative fee to set up and co-ordinate a meeting with a lady
This includes 1 ½ hours of assistance from an interpreter. Should you, your date and the interpreter mutually agree to extend your meeting, each additional hour of interpreter service is $20.
All charges including deposit are applied to your RussianBridesInt account.
RussianBridesInt charges you online only after your meeting is confirmed. You will be refunded all charges if the lady fails to meet you, and you will be charged in full should you fail to show for your date. However, if both you and the lady agree, your meeting may be re-scheduled.

How do I request a Date?
Go to the Lady’s profile with whom you want to meet with.
Select Date Me on the Lady's profile.
To invite your Lady to meet with you, please complete the Date a Lady Request Form. Once we receive the Request Form we will send you a background form to fill in and send to our office. Please note that we must receive the completed forms no less than 10 days before you wish to meet with the Lady.
Your invitation will be sent to the Lady for confirmation. If your suggested day and time is convenient for the Lady you will receive a confirmation.
If the proposed time is not convenient for the Lady you will receive a letter suggesting a more convenient appointment.
You may either accept the newly suggested time or offer another.
As soon as you and the Lady agree on a suitable appointment you will receive a confirmation. From that point you proceed to the meeting place at the appointed time.

We can only arrange a meeting if we receive the completed Background Form no less than 72 hours before you wish to meet with the Lady.
A Lady has the right to decline a meeting. You will be refunded.
Please contact our support team and we will take care of your cancellation request.
Meeting a lady is only available for clients in good standing.
The service can only be requested after five or more letters have been exchanged between each party to a meeting.
A meeting may only be booked for a minimum of 1 ½ hours, but may be prolonged.

3.9. How do I get a lady's personal contact information?

Although it is prohibited to exchange any personal and contact information on the website (including email, phone number, last name, mailing address, links, etc.) for security purposes, we still make it possible for our members to have private communication outside of our website. To receive a lady's contact information, please submit your request using the Contact Us page. Be sure to include the lady's name and ID number. You are eligible to submit this request after you spent a total of 1500 credits on the website. After we receive your request, an IMBRA form will be forwarded to you. Fill it out by hand, scan and email it back to us. Even if you are non US citizen you still need to fill the Attestation form in. All Members who utilize the Services agree to abide by the provisions of IMBRA. And please notice that we are able to provide you only with information that the lady agrees to share. When a client requests for personal contacts of a lady, the agency agrees to share:
- Full address of residence (country, city, street, house or apartment number);
- Current contact phone number or email address for the girl's choice
Contact request from each lady costs credits. Please note that we are fully responsible for validity of provided information for limited time of 30 days. Personal contact information of the lady is up-to-date for 12 months, after, you have to make a repeated request.

3.10. How to receive and to send video messages?

You can receive video messages from the ladies and send them yours by uploading file from your computer and attaching it to the letter. Requirements: supported formats .flv .avi .mpg .mpeg .wmv and size max 100 MB.

3.11. Ladies Photo galleries.

You can view and enjoy ladies private photo galleries. credits will be charged from your account to open each gallery and it will be available for you to view for free for the following 30 days.

3.12. Hello Video - Free Video Presentation from the lady.

This short information video will allow you to look at the lady for free, find out her goals and desires on our dating service. In the Hello Video lady briefly tells about herself, her intentions, describes a man of her dreams etc.

3.13. Send/open images in chat!

You can send photos in the chat in several formats (jpeg, gif, png) and also receive photos from the girls in the same formats. Please notice that the charge of credits will be applied for sending and opening each photo.

3.14. Why our services are paid?

As you know our site differs from other social sites. The ladies live in the Ukraine, Russia and other post USSR countires and although almost all of them have smart phones, very few of them have computers and access to the Internet. Even smaller number of the ladies speak English. So in order to be able to reach the ladies in all cities of the Ukraine and make it affordable for them, we incur considerable expenses in maintaining offices/Internet café, where the ladies can use the computer in certain areas 24/7 and use the help of our translators.
There are always managers and administrators in the offices who will interview the new ladies in person, register them and check the passport and other relevant information in order to validate the ladies.
The ladies can sign up for a new photo session free of charge for them, when it is time to update their profile and or they want to add new photos to their album. The ladies can come to the office for the video chat and video streaming in order to talk to their beloved ones any time convenient for them.
And if you decide to come and visit the lady in her town our travel managers in any office will help you with your travel arrangements if you choose so.
4. Pricing and Services

4.1. How to buy credits?

Please go to Buy credits, select the required number of credits and purchase amount, then select the most convenient payment system for you and click on Pay Now. Select Payment Type and follow the further instructions.

4.2. Why should I become a VIP Member?

VIP Members receive exceptional assistance from our customer support team, individual personal matchmaker help, and a highlighted profile to be displayed for ladies that shows the status of that Member. The biggest benefit, however, is the personal individual manager who assists VIP members during visits to a lady's country or city. And a huge advantage - with every purchase of a VIP you get 5 free messages to send to the ladies!

Please go to My statistics - Become VIP, and exchange your points for VIP membership.

4.3. What is the price of the services?

    500 points
Regular VIP
Free letters to read unlimited 1st unlimited 1st
Free letters to send X 5
Invisible status option X
Highlighted profile X
Individual matchmaker and trip advisor X
Live chat/minute 1 credits 1 credits
Live video/minute 1.5 credits 1.5 credits
Read letter 6 credits 6 credits
Send letter 7 credits 7 credits
Send video message 13 credits 13 credits
Read video message 13 credits 13 credits
Watch video 4 credits 4 credits
Private galleries to open 8 credits 8 credits
Send virtual gift (free to receive) 1.5 credits 1.5 credits

4.4. How to become VIP

VIP status can be achieved after you collect 500 points. You can see amount of earned points under My statistics.
If you would like to get VIP Status please go to My statistics - Become VIP, and exchange your points for VIP membership.

For each credits purchase you get a certain amount of points:

30.00 credits($4.99)2 points
64.00 credits($35.00)6 points
125.00 credits($50.00)8 points
110.00 credits($60.00)10 points
180.00 credits($90.00)15 points
247.00 credits($99.00)18 points
265.00 credits($119.00)20 points
750.00 credits($299.00)80 points
872.00 credits($349.00)90 points
1715.00 credits($599.00)150 points

4.5. My payment went through, but credits were not deposited to my account.

If credits were not deposited to your account immediately, please allow us 24 hours to proceed your order. If by that time, the deposit was not made, please feel free to contact us to follow up with your order.

4.6. Can I use my credit card for paying and how safe it is?

Yes, you can use credit card to pay for the service. The information about your credit card is impenetrable. Purchasing information which you put on our sire cannot be saved, because during our processing we use the SSL technology of encryption. You can check this by yourself. You can see this information on the page where you put your purchasing information in the field of address in a browser window. It changes from HTTP to HTTPS and this means that your information cannot be saved even if your Cookies are switched on.

4.7. Problems with credits purchase?

There could be several reasons why it did not go through, including - the payment was not completed on your end, the information did not match, the card issuer declined transaction, you are making payment from other location/country etc.
Those are some of the most common reasons of declined payments and they can be resolved on your end by contacting your bank and confirming these payments or with our help.

Meanwhile, just remembers that you have few other options to make payment on our website - please don't hesitate and try any of the below:
  • E-Merchant - accepts Visa and Mastercard
  • Multicards - accepts Visa and American Express
  • Western Union - send cash from anywhere in the world (online or in the bank facility)
  • Paypal might be available per request - just ask!

4.8. How to pay with a BITCOIN on the website?

When creating your wallet, you can choose from recomended list:

You also can use any wallets or apps.

To make a payment, you won't need to enter any sensitive card information. Instead, you'll simply send the payment from your wallet app. There are several ways to pay an invoice from your wallet:
Scan the QR Code - If your wallet is on a different mobile device, you can scan this code to open the payment in your wallet. Your wallet will lock in with the correct receiving Bitcoin address and sending amount. Then make the payment.
Send the Payment ManuallyCopy the Bitcoin addres bc1q4v2xwkh83q9gzcfr5y405fxnyzgstgx25kswpf from the invoice and paste it in your wallet's "Send" screen, check your payment details, and send the payment.

After making the payment, please write to us in Contact Us to confirm the sent payment and the credits will be added to your account within a few minutes.

We provide additionally 5% bonus to each bitcoin payment!
5. Profiles

5.1. Do I have to fill out my whole profile?

You're not required to fill out the whole profile, but it will help you meet the ladies who interest you. Just like you are looking for as many details as possible in a lady's profile, these ladies would like to read about you and see your pictures as well. Also, A picture in your profile will show ladies that you are serious about your search. We suggest you read some tips about selecting the image for your profile here.

5.2. How can I add an image to my profile so ladies can see it?

To upload an image to your profile, go to My profile – Photo Album – Edit – Add. Your image should be displayed shortly after you upload it and we confirm it. You also have an option to remove images, hide them, or set one as primary.

5.3. How can I change information in my profile?

If you'd like to update your profile, add some information or delete it, please visit My profile menu. You will be able to change your personal information ( including name, date of birth, country, city and age of the lady you are looking for), your details (such as weight, height, languages you speak, etc – details that used most of all for the search purposes), and answer our questionnaire (for ladies to learn more about your personality, life position and purposes).

5.4. How do I remove my profile?

If you have found your match and would like to remove your profile, please, let us know about it and tell us your story as we want to hear all about it! Also, please tell us if our service is not meeting your expectations so we can improve. You can close your profile at any time. You can find this option under Account settings.
6. Payment methods, refund policy and security

6.1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all types of major credits cards, prepaid cards, payments through PayPal and direct wire transfers via Western Union and MoneyGram.

6.2. My payment went through, but credits were not deposited to my account.

If credits were not deposited to your account immediately, please allow us up to 24 hours to process your order. If by that time the deposit was not made, please feel free to contact us to follow up with your order.

6.3. How do I get in touch with you?

To get in touch with us you can use our Online live help or direct US phone number for your convenience +1(929)999-1772.

6.4. What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction is important to RussianBridesInt Team. We cordially hope you find our dating services helpful and convenient. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us on Contact Us page and we will try to do our best to resolve your concerns quickly and fairly. We believe that providing great service to our customers is the key. Please be sure to tell us the reason of your discontent, so we can prevent this kind of issue from happening in future.

Credits can be refunded to your account in any of the following situations:
  • Credits for phone calls, contact requests and gifts are not eligible for a refund.
  • You have sent duplicative letters to the same lady by mistake (or got repetitive letters from the lady by mistake).
  • Other reasons which are provided by you and accepted by RussianBridesInt.

6.5. How safe is my credit card information?

The information about your credit card is impenetrable. Purchasing information which you put on our site cannot be saved, because during our processing we use the SSL technologies of grinding. You can check this yourself. You can see this information on the page where you put your purchasing information in the field of address in a browser window. It changes from HTTP to HTTPS. That means that your information cannot be saved even if your Cookies are switched on.
If you have a question not answered above, please feel free to contact us for assistance!

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