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Privacy Policy

The following policy regulates the terms of membership of the site and the way your personal information is disposed, used and submitted during your using of our dating site and services. If you become the member of our site, you claim that you agree to our privacy policies and also agree to have your personal information collected, stored and used. Also we reserve the right to distribute all kinds of private information you provide us with during the usage of the services provided by our site.

1. Your personal data

When you use our dating site, we collect some personal information from you. It basically includes only the information on your current Internet session, the IP of your computer or other used device, the browser you use, the amount of pages of our site you visit and the general information on your Internet connection. These actions are conducted for our improvement of services we provide you with and for fitting them for the personal needs you have.

When you register on our site, you automatically disclose your personal information to us, and allow to collect, dispose and keep this information. In this way we could provide you with the services that are similar to those that you use, and to get you recommendations for only our selected partners.

How ladies see your data?
The ladies see in your profile content that you generate, or that is connected to your account (username, user ID, date of birth, profile pictures and other information you write about yourself. Your email is not visible to other members)

Photos and video that you upload in your attachment are being saved after moderation in your profile. If you decide to delete your profile, all your attachment will be deleted automatically.

The site does not see and does not save any billing details like your credit card number, billing address and etc. This information is being processed and saved by Third parties secure payment systems and we can reffer to this information if needed.

Credit card details will be handled securely to ensure confidentiality. SSL encryption is employed to ensure sensitive data is protected.

2. Which information we are allowed to collect

After you register on our site, you give us permission to gather your private data. It includes the information you write in different fields of the site, and also the one you give us during the communication, such as in support chats, telephone consultations on the phone with the stuff, from the e-mails you send us on various issues and, of course, the one you give us when you register. Also it can be gathered by our partners and the third parties that give the services similar to ours. This voluntary provided information is also allowed to be used by us in various events such as promotions, contests etc.

3. Statistics of devices

Our site may collect information connected with your computer and other devices you use for entering our site and services. This includes your IP address and the OS on your computer or another device, and also the browser you are currently using. This information is used only for statistics and is not related to your personal data. We also wish to provide you with the best experience when you use our services, so we may collect your cookies, as they give us not only statistics on how to improve our work but also some details to adjust our work according to your personal needs. Through cookies we see the ways you use our website, what you prefer, and also statistics on the amount of subscribers we have. Finally, cookies are used for the auto-filling on your login information, so that you remained logged into our site when you decide to visit it again.
If you don’t wish to disclose your cookies, you may turn it off in your browser in the settings which you may find according to the browser you use or refer to the button “Help” in it where you can find all necessary instructions. However, we don’t recommend you to do this, because this action may deactivate several important functions of our site, and your experience may become uncomfortable and not as full as it might be with cookies turned on. For example, you will not be shown the pop-up windows containing important information on the innovations or the promotions held on our site and other services that can be of big help for you. In case if you don’t change anything in the settings of your browser, it will use the cookies automatically when you visit our site. Please note that we don’t regulate the ways your cookies are used by the third parties and the advertisers.

4. Changes in the privacy policy

We leave the possibility for us to bring some amendments to our Privacy Policy. If you wish to be informed in all the changes, you need to check our Terms and conditions page to see the latest updates in our policy.

5. Distribution of your personal information

Our company may use for our inner purposes any personal data you provide us with. The list of this information includes your phone number and e-mail address. This data may be used for statistics, advertisement and marketing events purposes, analytics, researches of the market, delivering of promotions info and other actions conducted by our dating site and connected with our services.

6. Third parties and their using of your personal data

We cooperate with third parties, and our work is regulated by the Terms of the membership and this legislation. We can distribute your personal information to them. However, we also may not disclose the identification of a person, only the information that gives them better understanding of what our clients need and what offers they should use in a more relevant way.

7. Storing of your personal information

All information that you enter on our site in various fields and that we gather from your cookies is stored on the servers of the site. We provide maximum security for your data, but can’t give the 100% guarantee from the malicious attacks that may lead to the transmission of your data. However, we conduct all possible security actions to prevent such situations. By using our site you accept the fact that such risk of malicious attacks exists. In addition, please, don’t tell your personal information to any third parties. We are not responsible for the using of your account by other people or organizations to whom you have revealed your login and password.
In case of the appearing of security breaches, are will do everything possible to remove it in the shortest period of time.
The personal information provided by you to our site is stored only during the period of your subscription. As soon as you delete from our site, you may ask us to delete all your data we have. This procedure is free and may be conducted any moment you make the request. Yet, we reserve the right to store your data for 1 year or more according to the law.

8. Policies of the third parties

We also work with third parties, or partners. The advertisers may gather your personal information which you put on our site. We don’t hold responsibilities on how it is used by the third parties, if it is not stated in this legislation. For this information you need to check privacy policies of these parties.

The site includes a pixel that enables cookies to be dropped onto your machine. These cookies may be used to target ads to those site visitors on third party websites within our advertising networks.