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Happy Stories

Our Members Feedbacks

Peter and Olga USA

Hello to everybody. My story will be about my love-story that started not so much time ago. I have never been married but I had a lot of relations with women. I like to communicate with them and I couldn't stop meeting with them. Then I heard about such dating sites where Slavic women want to meet men abroad. I'm big lover of pretty girls so I decided to try this adventure. To be honest I wanted just to flirt there and to see if they are really better than women of my country.(i live in USA). First time I chatted there with a lot of girls of different cities and ages. But then I liked one girl from Kiev. She was so smart and I liked her sense of humor. And that wondered me more it's that I want to change my opinion about women and my attitude to them. Next month I will go to Ukraine to meet my girl Olga on her birthday. And I would try to make this day the best in her life. I want to wish to all lonely men who are here don't be shy and meet their woman here.
John and Ludmila

This is spring story! My name is John and I am one of the luckiest men in the world, because I am sure that not everyone can find their real love in this world! It is like a gift for me to meet such great woman. I am happy married man now and want to tell you my story. I met my wife on this dating site and I can not express my feelings. She was so young and so beautiful, I thought I was too old for her and so boring .Firstly when she wrote to me I didn't understand why. I couldn't give anything to such wonderful lady, but then she wrote that it wasn't so important for her how old I was. We could chat the whole night and speak about everything. She told me about her family and her daughter. It is one great young lady Olia. I saw her on cam also. We spent a lot of time together and she sent me so many photos from her private life, so I felt that I am an important part of her life. She gave me this feeling and I loved her for this. I knew about her failures and happiness. I remember one day when I was so upset and nervous. Ludmila (it is her name) disappeared. I could find her neither on the site nor somewhere else. Can you imagine what thoughts I had ? I was waiting for her near 4 days, there weren't messages or replies from her. It was the fifth day when I got short sms from her directly to my phone: ”How long can I wait for you here? Do you want to meet me at the airport or no?)” Yes, it was real. She decided to make a present for my birthday and came to me. I was so happy, as never before. Now she is my wife, it wasn't so easy but we did it. Thank you so much for my wife.
Lokka, 44

I am Lokka. Last spring wasn't only awakening for nature, it was the same for me, for my soul! I met young angel last spring. My lovely woman is Katya. Sometimes I think about how I found her, so ideal for me. I am businessman and unfortunately don't have free time for acquaintance. That's why I decided to try online dating site, by the way, Slavic women have been attracting me, so when I saw this site, of course I registered on it. I got a lot of letter from different women. They told me about their thoughts in their letters, but my attention was caught with only one letter. It was short and clear, honest and open. I remember it. In this letter she wrote me her little secret and asked to keep it. And I did it! I was impressed, because she didn't know me well, but trusted so much) It was pleasure for me) We started to communicate, firstly it was once a week, then 2 times and then every day) I couldn't be without her. Honestly, I am not sure about loving somebody else until met her. Think no! I began to call her “my spring”, because she became really like sunrise for me, like a fresh air or cold water in clean forest stream. God, I couldn't even image how to be so happy. Her secret is still in my head only) So, this site has changed all my life, so don't be afraid of trying to find your woman here! It is possible, my story and my life is the best example.
George USA

I want to tell my story about finding my beloved one on this site. My name is George and I am from the USA, Florida. My life is movement. I am musician and I move from one state to another with my band. My last stop was in Georgia. I with band rented a house and were waiting for our concert. One day I saw a couple in the car next to our house. They were our neighbors. I was surprised, how beautiful was the woman in this couple. I remember I thought: “Wow! I like this place if it has so pretty women”! Next day I went to store to buy food and saw that woman. I said hello and asked something, honestly, don't remember about what) I told that we were neighbors and we had just arrived. She invited us to their house for party, cuz she had a birthday. That evening I with guys went to them. It was great evening and the beginning of my new life. The woman's name was Dasha and her husband's name was Jim. He was American, but she was Ukrainian. They found each other on one dating site. They were really so happy together and I realized that I wanted to have the same in my life. After that day I registered on this site. A lot of beautiful brides were here and all of them really wanted to find man for living together. I began to speak with a lot of girls and one of them was my Ksenia. She was even prettier than Dasha. Our communication was honest and open. She could play guitar and understood me very well. We were chatting 3 months and I decided that it was time to come to Ukraine. She was from Odessa. It was like adventure for me. I've never been in Ukraine before, just heard about it from news. Our first meeting was funny, she came to airport with piece of paper with my name and with a lot of colorful balloons)))My creative girl. I love her for this. She impressed me and I fell in love, the first time in my life I was so happy. For now she is my wife, we travel together. Thanks heaven and this site for such gift.
Bill and Olga USA

This site saved me and brought me back to the normal life. My story began 2 years ago. I am Bill from USA. I was married but I was also divorced. My ex wife couldn't have children and she made me crazy about this. She didn't want to take child from orphanage. Near 7 years I was fighting for our future and for happiness. But as I said before I am divorced for now. I couldn't save my marriage. Then I had some attempts to find someone for living with, but they were unsuccessful. My brother was at site and told me about it. I didn't expect to find someone there. I have just tried. I saw a lot of young ladies there, but I didn't need such women. And after 6 months at site I met one woman. She wasn't so young and she had a child. But I didn't see problem in this, it was like a gift for me, because all my life I wanted children. I fell in love and came to Ukraine to meet her. She is Olga ) And she has beautiful princess Katya)) She is 11 years old. Firstly, when I saw them I couldn't imagine how I would love them both. Dasha has never been married, her boyfriend left her when she was pregnant. She was young and brave and decided to give birth to Katya. I was visiting her every month during half a year. Then we got visa and she visited me with child. According to some law processes, we can not live in USA for now, but soon it will happen ) I even got a pet. It is a dog for Katya. Of course I can not be her biological father, but I feel like she is mine. I love my girls and I am happy to say this. Thank you! You gave me chance to be a normal man.
David and Katia USA

I`m David from Florida. I want to tell you my story. She was young, very young for me. She was too beautiful for me. She has so great Ukrainian name. She is Katia. She was from Ukraine and she was like my own dream. I met Katia at site near 1 year ago. She wasn't the first with whom I spoke. You can understand me why I was so non-confident. I am not Brad Pitt and I don't have millions. I am just driver and I live in Florida. First time when I began to speak with her, I was afraid of turning cam on. It was very strange for me, why she liked me. We chatted every day. I felt her mood. We were friends and lovers, sometimes father and daughter. Katia told me why she was here. She told me her bad experience with ex relations. I knew everything about my angel. I understood that we had problem with distance. We were so far away and I didn't plan to come, because I had job. She had also. As I said we were very close and I knew where she was and when we could have chat. But one day she didn't come. One day, another day and after 5 days I called to administrator and asked about Katinka. They called to Ukraine and asked about her. Nobody knew what happened. She didn't pick up phone. I felt something bad. I couldn't stay at one place and I took days off and bought tickets to Ukraine. Thanks site, I had great tour manager and this saved my time. I knew Katia`s address so I found her house easily. Her neighbor told me that near week ago the ambulance took her to hospital and one of the neighbors was her friend, she knew about me, so she helped me to arrive to hospital. I found her in one of the white hospital's rooms when she was sleeping. She had heart attack. I have never left her from that time. Now we are together and soon Katia will be my wife!
David and Vita

I want to speak about my, I mean, our love story, as this site gave me mutual love and feelings with my remarkable Vita! Like everyone here, I wanted to be loved. This was my prior desire. Of course, here are many girls who offered me just friendship, but I wasn't interested and had to ignore them. However, one day I saw Vita – and finally I understood that she is my everything! I couldn't ever think about anyone but her, and I put all my efforts of making her agree to meet. And when she did, I flew of the wings of love, ok, on a plane, to her, and we had our first real date! I'm really grateful to the site for giving me an opportunity to find my another half so far-far away from me, as without it we would probably never met in real life!

Hi you guys! A few words about how my life has change. I was married for a long time but everything changes and after a 10 years we got divorced. My kids are grown up and starting their own families already. My life was worthless without a woman by my side, someone to share my life with. Once I bumped up against this site, russianbrides.int looking though profiles and longing for a warm talk, a person I could give all myself. She wrote to me first. We began typing each other once, twice a week, then almost every night. The days became brighter and waiting for the new letter was so sweet. Soon we decided to meet in real. I came to my Olesya, it was wonderful summer time. We spent a week near the sea in Sudak, that is a great place to visit as there are ruins of ancient architectures all around. Olesya worked as a tourist guide there for some time so I was lucky to learn so many interesting facts and notions about that time. We also met her parents, they are nice people and have a wonderful, kind, tender, attentive daughter whom I am so happy with now! We decided to get married in Ukraine as Olesya's parents weren't able to make a long flight to USA. It was quiet but unbelievable event, just her family, several friends and my mate Joe. She was so beautiful with flowers in her hair and that airy milky dress on. Now I'm married to my Olesya and...happy. Thanks to the site staff!
Henry and Maria

Hello, my name is Henry and I decided to write about my experience on russianbrides.int. I'm 42 years old and I wasn't successful with ladies in the USA for some reason. I was looking for a proper online site to find my future wife somewhere abroad, and I stopped at russianbrides.int, as it looked attractive and there were profiles of really lots of beautiful women. I first couldn't decide whom I will write to communicate, but then I received a letter from Maria where she wrote about her loneliness. She is 25, and I decided to answer you, as she wrote right what I was feeling at that moment. She wanted to find a sole mate just like I did. We wrote each other for a couple of months, and I chatted with her sometimes. I liked to see her fact on camera, but I felt that this was not enough for two of us, so I asked if she wanted me to come, and she agreed! I sent her a bouquet of 15 roses at once, as I never felt happier! I just packed my things and came to Ukraine as soon as I could. It was unforgettable – she met me in the airport! I was really scared that something might go wrong, but she hugged me firmly, and I understood that this was real love, and I finally found her. Since that moment we never separated, and now live together in my house, and visit her parents in Ukraine twice a year. I'm just on the seventh heaven now, and all due to russianbrides.int!