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ID: 1227851
Yulia 31 years old Ukraine Kiev, Russian bride profile, russianbridesint.com
Status: Finally, the holidays are over...
Name: Yulia
Country: Ukraine City: Kiev
Age: 31
No information

Looking for: A proud man for whom I could be a support in life. I want to be in pleasant company and be needed when the time comes. It’s hard for me to be a leader in relationships, and even in work I often just listen to what is required of me. Maybe because of this attitude, I would like to find someone I can rely on. In the end, there are many things that I do well, I would like to share some of them for the common good))

About me: I have many small hobbies that many will find cute. I like animals. I have a diary that I keep periodically. It helps me think about myself in a different way. I love to sing, but not professionally, I sing for myself, one might say. I love learning something new, but my desire doesn’t last long))

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most: I love communicating with unusual people who can share some unique opinion or perspective on a situation. I am also attracted to people who know their worth, I would like to one day also acquire this character trait.

My goals for the future: I don’t have any specific goal, I just want to enjoy life and if this can be done in the company of some nice person, that’s even better)

My travel destinations (past or future): I have only been to a few cities in my country and once traveled abroad to a neighboring country. I didn’t find any significant differences, though) I would like to go on a tour of Europe, visit several major cities, and talk to the local people there. I also want to go to Canada and Brazil. I'm not sure, maybe I want to visit other places, but I haven't found out about them yet))

I spend a lot of time thinking about (or my dream is): It may be simple, but I dream about mundane things like “I want a bigger salary” or “I want to go out to eat with friends at a restaurant.” At least I honestly don’t see anything wrong with being in the current moment, and not in the unrealistic future.

My favorite movies, books, music, shows: I love a lot of films, for example I liked Titanic, Indiana Jones and John Wick from the last ones)) I also like to watch a couple of shows on YouTube, I often check new episodes))

My favorite food: Honestly, I love meat most of all)) Any recipe, smoked, fried, boiled, different recipes captivates me, constantly trying something new.

Pets in my life: Right now I don’t have a pet, but I used to love my dog very much, it was a pleasure to walk with her, although I don’t like getting up early, I must admit that it has changed a lot in my life for the better)

My hobbies and what I'm good at: I love walking! During one such walk, I walked into an open exhibition of paintings. She impressed me and I decided to find out what else was on display near my home. It turned out that there were full exhibitions of various things, ranging from handmade dolls to an exhibition of cats. I am fascinated by attending such events and finding something new in it.

Talking about sports: At one time I went to the gym with a friend, but then I stopped doing it. It’s not that I look bad in appearance, but for the last couple of years I practically haven’t been involved in sports.

The five things I can't live without: I can't live without my work. You can even say that I am a workaholic))) It’s hard for me to imagine my life without weekends and walks, without various little things in my life. It will probably take forever to list everything. It would probably be bad for me to lose any things that I love, but perhaps even without all of them I could smile)

You should message me if: If you want to talk about all sorts of things) I think I can support any conversation and even offer something of my own. And I’m still looking for a future person for life. It would be great to find it here))

Job: Artist